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*In loving memory of my father, Jorge M. Villarreal and J.G. Guzman, both WWII Vets.
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Rio Grande City High School link
  • Song : Mi Lindo Rio Grande -Composed and song by Mr. Alberto Barrera
  • Una Tarde con Alberto Barrera: RGCEDC Website
  • Spanish and Mexican Land Grants of South Texas by
  • Villa San Agustin de Laredo Genealogical Society
  • World History Archives


    100 most Important Documents in American History-National Archieves

    HippoCampus. Org--- Courses Online  (Extensive Site)


  • TAKS Web Site from Different Sources
  • TAKS Online Practice Tests -State Resources

  • TAKS Review Sites - PPts.

  • Outline  of American History
  • Resources for Educational Excellence
  • United States Federal Government
  • U.S. Code (searchable)-Law Revision Counsel-House of Rep

  • Newspapers in Texas

    New Rio Grande City Official Web Site

    Starr County Elected Public Officials

    South Texas Radio Stations - Office of the Governor of Texas

    Radio Stations by Regions-Office of the Governor of Texas-Texas Music Office

    Historical Data on Buildings, Dwellings and Other Structures of
    Fort Ringgold, Rio Grande City, Roma, and Surrounding Areas

    The Archives & Records Division of the Texas General Land Office (New Link)

    The Story of Cabeza de Vaca : The Spanish Explorer

    TexasGenWebProject -Excellent site on Starr County

    RootsWeb Message Board for Starr County -Ancestory.Com

    The 1860 Starr County, Texas, Census image

    Roots Web : Ancestry.Com for Starr County

    Texas Highways - The Official  MagaziTravelne of Texas

    Visit The Online Handbook of Texas
    Do a seach in the Handbook of Texas for the suggested topics and names on Rio Grande City

    Also Visit : Southwestern Historical Quarterly

    Hot Site : Robert Runyon Collection-University of Texas/Library of Congress

  • - More than 2000 classic texts online
  • National Center For Educational Statistics- To find Local Information
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  • - This program scans your computer for updates on programs installed.
  •  (Excellent site for variety of downloaded programs -free and shareware included)
  • SoftPedia- Repository/Review of Computer Software
  • Gizmo's Freeware Review- Repository/Reviews of Computer Software
  • Repository/Reviews of Computer Software
  • Repository/Reviews of Computer Software
  • (Excellent site for variety of free and shareware programs)
  • Google- More Google Products
  • downloads
  • - hundreds of thousands of driver/firmware files
  • MicroSoft Downloads- (MSN Downloads-some downloads are extremely large to download via dailup systems)
  • OpenOffice.Org- This is a very large free download program-
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  • Essential for certain download programs
  • Windows Update  (Verification needed) Microsoft site
  • Version Tracker.Com- (Variety of software-free,commercial, shareware, Beta, updates, other)
  • Adobe Acrobate Reader
  • Flash Player
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  • Download- Java    Sun Microsystems
  • Java OpenSource Downloads-
  • Free Online Classes from HP- ( you need to try the site-courses might change from time to time)
  • Powers of Ten
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    Genealogy Sites
    Ancestors of Pedro T. Rodriguez- (No longer online)
    *Genealogy page for Pedro T. Rodriguez Web Site-(Several families listed)
  • Los Villarreales Genealogy de Porcion 75-Juan Bautista Villarreal-in Starr County
  • Danny Villarreal's - The Villarreal Home Page
  • Pulido Web Site on Family Trees
  • History and Genealogy of South Texas and Northeast Mexico
  • Balli Family Organization
  •  Jose O. Guerra's-Hispanic Genealogy Web Page
  • Corpus Christi Public Libraries Searchable Databank- Obituary Index
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