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The Angels in Heaven Looked on in Dismay
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Even They Could Do Little.....
On That Terrible Day

Tribute at One of Our Own Freepers. Very Wothwhile to See: Click Here :) Very Best Tribute to 9/11: Warning -Very long load time, 7meg file, But worth it A Very Nice Tribute Page Very Nice Tribute Page: Nice Backgound sound

Two Of Our Own Are Gone!

CNN Official Photo:Photo From Website:Ted Olson: U.S. Solicitor General --(Office)--
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Freeper: Barbara K. Olson
Online Screen Name: BKO
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Barbara's Husband (Click to Enlarge) ~(Bio Here)~

Battalion Chief Moran (BCM)Mike Moran: Brother of BCM
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John Moran: He gave His Life
That Others Might Live!

I have not been able to find a
Photo of Mike Moran so...
I am instead Posting a Picture
of the cover of the recording
inspired by Mike's words:
Osama, Kiss My Royal Irish
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by our own Freepette, Billie
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This Page Made by Freeper: Fiddlstix

All of you at know me as Fiddlstix, the guy who puts music to the graphics. Especially during the Fund Raiser Events.

I just want to say that I am, at once, Honored, Privileged, and Deeply Humbled to be a sustaining member of the FreeRepublic forum and to be in the company of such great people.

I also want to Thank my fellow Freepers for all the kind compliments I have recieved from many of you over time.

Thank You

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God Bless America
God Bless FreeRepublic

Two of Our Own are Gone!

God Bless Them, Everyone: 'Passing the Colors'

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